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The Mindful Friends

by Cody O'Brien


The Mindful Friends
By Cody O'Brien
Twinkle the Zebra was feeling very low and was finding it difficult to concentrate.

She felt sad and did not want to go out to play with her friends anymore
Twinkle's friends loved to have fun together and really wanted her to come out and play with them.
They wondered if they had done something to upset Twinkle
They couldn't think of anything they had done to Twinkle.

Rebecca the rabbit told everyone that sometimes your friends can just feel sad without knowing the reason and that is ok!
Freddie the Frog asked "I wonder how we can make Twinkle feel better?"
Maurice the Monkey came up with a great idea

He said "How about we think of things that Twinkle can do to make her feel better"
"We could make Twinkle a Mindful Jar and go over to her house together to give it to her to let her know that we are there for her" said Fiona Fox
"That's a brilliant idea! After all, friends are always there for each other whether they are happy or sad" said Maurice Monkey
The friends made the mindful jar and brought it to Twinkle's house.