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by Chloe Haggerty - Colchester High

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What do we currently do?
In Curriculum Time:
MIE – Year 10 & Year 11, Year 10 have then used their MIE skills and taught Year 4 students the Minecraft ‘Hour of Code’
Arts Award Bronze Portfolio – first year of running course, 28 students achieved the qualification and now second year running the Year 8 are coming to the end of putting together their digital portfolios.
Use of Adobe Creative Cloud – across KS2 and KS3, using Photoshop, Spark (PRR,KSM, ETR, RBA).
4 students have their ‘Portfolios’ on the global Book Creator Library.
3 students achieved ‘VOICE’ Magazine Award and have article written about themselves, the categories were ‘leadership, creativity and effort’.
MOS exams introduced and begun to run with KS3, Jessica Thomas in Year 9 has passed MOS in Word, and PowerPoint (& was only a few marks off passing her Excel
Crest Awards – Juniors.
Bebras – All of Key stage 2 and 3 completed the run up to the Computational Thinking challenge, looking at problem solving, pattern recognition and in November 2021 they sat the official challenge.
Girls in Tech – Tampon Terror, Year 7, 8 and 9 girls worked collaboratively looking at real-life issues around periods, starting periods and using technology to come up with an application that could support sustainability of products and emotional support during hormonal cycles.
Introduction of Food Technology, Textiles and Woodwork into Carousel for Year 7 students. 
Woodwork (Resistant Materials) has been incorporated in Year 8 and Year 9 lessons
Reintroduction of ACD teaching by specialist teacher Year 5 and 6. Including wire sculpting and ceramics.
2D Animation videos – designed & recorded during ACD lessons (ETR).
Commotion in the Ocean week (July 2021) – staff used MCE model of learning style to create full project.
UKMT Maths Challenges – Sushanth Y7 next round, Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates awarded Years 7-11
Extension/Enrichment GCSEs in Statistics, Further Maths and Additional Maths
Maths Inspiration virtual show – How Maths can save the planet Yrs 7-11
Year 10 - Building Motors
Year 7,8 & 9 Girls - Girls in Tech
Tampon Terror Challenge
Looking at technology and sustainability with sanitary products.