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Cell Children Book

by Ta'nasia Bla5003


The Cell School Features
By: Ta'Nasia Bland
Front Office
Wall&Front Door
The walls and front door of the school are like protection from harmful things coming in and out which relates to the cell membranes. If the front office sees something that should or can't come in because it would be healthy then the walls and door stops that.
The Front Office is the "control center"; it provides all the information needed to carry out the process. They hold essential "forms" that help the "school" proceed with action. Even the Principle could represent the nucleus because the principal controls the school like the nucleus controls the cell.
School Bus
The Golgi apparatus is like a school bus because a school bus transports kids to school like the Golgi apparatus ships proteins.
The vacuole is like a bathroom because student waste goes into the bathroom like cell waste is stored in the vacuole.
Storage/ Electrical Room
The storage room is like the mitochondria where all the cellular respiration happens to break down sugars for energy. This is also the Powerhouse of the school to keep it progressing.
The teacher is the ribosomes of the cell. The teacher reads about a particular subject to translate to teach their students. Which will later grow into the child's mind and make a "chain" of memory of the information she has given them that day or time
The ER of the cell is like hallways in a school because they are passageways for students and staff like the endoplasmic reticulum makes passages for proteins
The cytoplasm metaphorically represents the air and gravity surrounding the school. The thick fluid fills the cell and holds all the organelles. The air and gravity surround the school and keep it in place.