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"Rooting for Europe" classroom activities

by Marta Grošelj


Comic Panel 1
Peter Klepec

Peter Klepec was a small and weak boy. He lived with his mother and they were very poor. One day he decided to leave home to work for a rich farmer. He became a shepherd. Some boys from the village bullied him and made his life really miserable. One day he saw a beatiful girl sleeping in the grass. The sun was very hot so he was afraid that the girl might get sunburnt. He didn't know that the girl was actually a mountain fairy! He made a shelter for her. When the fairy woke up, she was very grateful and granted Peter a wish. He wanted to be stronger. The fairy took him to a well. When he took a few sips from the well, he already felt much stronger. He was very happy and wanted to thank the girl, but she already changed into a cloud and vanished into thin air. Peter beat up the bullies and got rid of them forever.
He didn't want to be a shepherd any more. He returned to
his mum. He was now much stronger and could remove rocks, plough the field, sow wheat and they were never hungry again. They lived happily … until that night when hundreds of bonfires illuminated the sky, warning the people of the approaching Turkish army. The emperor didn't want to lose his men and he made a deal with the sultan. The strongest man from each army should fight and the winner will take it all.
Days passed and the emperor couldn't find a man willing to fight the big and strong Turkish soldier. He was worried sick, when suddenly a small boy emerged in front of him. It was Peter Klepec, who volunteered to fight the Turk.
Peter just touched the Turk and the giant fell and couldn't get up any more. The sultan was furious and ordered his army to kill Peter. But as they came near, Peter swept them off with the trunk of a tree. Everybody ran away and the Turks never came back again.
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Are the following statements true or false?
Correct the false statements.

Peter Klepec was a Slovenian emperor.
He was a shepherd.
He fought the Sultan.
He defeated the Turkish army.
He got his magic powers from a dragon.
He looked very strong.
Speech Bubble
Write the dialogue between Peter Klepec and the fairy.
Speech Bubble
The legend of the Ljubljana Dragon

It all started with the dragon. And the Greek hero Jason who stole the Golden Fleece from the king of the Black sea. Jason and his warriors, the Argonauts, fled across the Black Sea, up the Danube and the Sava and soon they reached the Ljubljanica river. They came across a large lake on the Ljubljana marshes, where a dragon lived. With the help of his lover, Medea, Jason fought and killed the dragon. So, Jason is supposed to be the first citizen of Ljubljana.
Comic Panel 1
The legend of Pagan Girl

Ajdovska deklica, or the Pagan Girl, was a kindhearted giantess who lived on the slopes of Mount Prisank. She would help mountaineers and other travellers find their way through snow blizzards over the Vršič pass into the Trenta valley. As a fate deity, she also visited young mothers and foretold the destinies of the newborn children. One night, she prophesied the birth of a baby boy from Trenta who would grow up to be a hunter, kill Zlatorog, a golden-horned white chamois, sell the animal‘s precious horns and become incredibly rich. Angered by the prophesy, her fellow maidens decided to punish her. As soon as the Pagan Girl returned to her mountain home, she turned into stone. To this day, she gazes in amazement down into the valley of Trenta, surprise still clouding her big petrified eyes.
Comic Panel 2
Do this jigsaw puzzle to see the Pagan girl.