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by Puglisi Virginia


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1. Look at the historical map of Sicily.
What does it tell you about its glorious past?
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2. True (T) or false (F)? Look at the map and correct the false sentences in your notebook.
1. Palermo, the capital city of Sicily is in the North East.
2. Lentini is a city of Greek origin.
3. In Siracusa you can find traces of Phoenicians.
4. In Agrigento there are Roman temples.
5. In Sicily lots of cities were founded by Greeks.
6. Pantalica is the biggest prehistoric site
7. You can visit important museums in Siracusa and
8. Mount Etna is an active volcano.
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
T 馃敳 F 馃敳
3. Complete the text with the words. There are two extra words.
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culture - museums - dominations - civilizations - island - works - region - surrounded - freed - kinds - recipes - strategic - inhabitants - Sicilians - Greeks - expedition - environments - became
Sicily is the largest (1)____________ in the Mediterranean and the largest (2) ____________ in Italy.
Sicily is (3) ____________ by three different seas: the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea, so it was a (4)____________ point of interest for many (5)____________ in both Europe and Northern Africa.
 It is a beautiful island, rich in different natural (6)____________. Among the most ancient (7)____________ there were the (8)____________, but over the (9)____________ it was dominated by many people who (10)____________ architectural wonders, (11)____________ of art and literature, (12)____________, customs and traditions of all (13)____________. The Phoenicians, the (14)____________, the Romans, the Barbarians, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the French, the Spaniards passed through it, until Garibaldi, with the (15)____________ of the Thousand in 1860, (16)____________ it from foreign dominion. The following year it (17)____________ part of the Kingdom of Italy.
Its glorious past made Sicily a fascinating place with a unique (18)____________
路     Ask the students which places tourists can visit in Sicily.They could choose cities, famous places, museums, archeological sites or others.
路     Let a volunteer write a list on the board and the others dictate
路     Tell the class to imagine that they are on a guided tour visiting the places listed on the board. Some people are tour guides and others are tourists.
路     Ask for a few volunteers to be tour guides. The rest of the class are tourists. Give the appropriate part of the role play worksheet to the students.
路      Tour guides prepare their speeches in pairs or small groups. Tourists prepare their questions in small groups.
路      Put students in small groups (with one tour guide and several tourists) to act out the role play, following instructions on their worksheet.
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Italian Cuisine
Before you watch the video
1. In pairs discuss the questions

1. What do you know about Italian cuisine?
2. Have you ever eaten Italian?
3 .Do you know some popular Italian food or dishes?
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While you watch the video
2. Watch the video and complete the list of ingredients
3. Watch the video again. Circle and write the utensils you need
馃煝 one ____________

馃煝 some spoons of ___________ oil

馃煝 one minced _____________ clove

馃煝 400 gr of San Marzano ______________

馃煝 200 gr ____________ ( )

馃煝 some leaves of ______________ to garnish

馃煝 some grated ____________________ cheese
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4. Reorder the steps of the recipe.
Then watch again and check.

__ Cook pasta

__ Slice the aubergine

__ Add tomatoes

__. Garnish with basil and cheese

__. Enjoy

__ Fry the aubergine

__ Saut猫 the garlic
Use the menu to act out a dialogue, imaging you are in an Italian restaurant. Alternate playing the role of the waiter/waitress and the customer.
Use the the expressions of the worksheet
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Arab flavors
In Sicilian cuisine there are many dishes of Arab origin, from cassata to couscous, which here is prepared with vegetables and fish instead of meat.
Have you ever tasted the ? They are delicious rice balls with saffron, ham and mozzarella.
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COLAPESCE, an old popular legend of Southern Italy
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Italian popular legends and myths
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Before you read the e-book
1. Open the e-book but before you read it look at the cover. What does it tell you about Colapesce?
follow me swimming STICKER
Answer the questions
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Reading comprehension exercises
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1.    Who was Cola?
2.    Where was he from?
3.    What did he like to do?
4.    How did he feel when plunging into the sea?
5.    Did his mother like his passion?
6.    What did Cola see underwater?
7.    What happened to Cola when his mother cursed him?
8.    Why did people call the boy Colapesce? (To answer find out what the word 鈥減esce鈥 means in Italian).
9.    Who told the king about Colapesce?
10. Did anybody help the king to find Colapesce?
11. How many times did the king test Colapesce skills?
12. Which object did Colapesce have to recover?
13. What did Colapesce discover into the deep sea?
14. Which evidence did the king asked for that?
15. What happened to Colapesce?
16. According to the legend where is Colapesce and what is he doing?
17. In your country are there any similar legends?
18. Have you ever visited Sicily and Etna volcano?