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classroom management

by jessica knapp

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Classroom management and discipline is a hard topic to understand
fully as a new teacher. Yet the approach I find myself taking is one of making
sure the students are aware of where they stand with me as a teacher. I am very
interactive and personal with the students yet I make it clear where the line
of friendship and teacher is. It is something I find hard to define at times
but I try to be as realistic as possible with the students I find that do not
not listen.  My main belief behind discipline is to try and always let the
students see the bigger picture and try to make them realise that they are in
an environment that requires discipline yet the environment and the system they
are in is not what defines who they are. So I try to separate the actions of
the students and the identity of the student so that they know that I, as a
teacher, want the best for them as a person. Yet I do need to make comments and
discipline the actions of the child. These are just some basic ways in which I
as a teacher believe I will sort out discipline issues within the class. 
management strategy 

 The strategy that I would use when I am in the class and things are starting to get out of hand would be to stop what I am doing, walk to the centre of the class and become silent. By doing this the students will start to realize that they are messing around and that I am not happy with how the situation is unfolding. Before doing this though one needs to establish a good foundation of respect from the students. To make this strategy effective the consequences of speaking will need to be made known to the students and I as a teacher will need to enforce them at first so that the students respect the strategy and know that there's consequences to their actions if they carry on talking or doing something that they not suppose to when I have walked to the centre of the class.
Management Tools

I have chosen to use this wooden hand as my classroom management tool. The way I plan on using this tool is to bring it out when I would like respect in the classroom. I will place it either on my desk in front of where I will be teaching from if I feel like I am not being respected or it will be placed on the learners desks that are being disrespectful. To not make it a joke and rather a tool that creates clarity with the chaos one will need to be selective when using the tool. Explain to the students at the beginning of the year that when the hand comes out that means it is time to quieten down and get back into a space that is focused. I plan to use this tool only in extreme situations.

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