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Don't Expect Everything to be the Best



Don't Expect Everything to be the Best
By Aaron Aronovski
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One day a kid named Jake was going shopping with his mom for his brother's birthday. His name was,George.They went to Dick's Sporting Goods and, when they walked in, he was amazed by the sports equipment. It's been so long since he went there.

When they went to the sports isle, he wanted all the basketballs. He was a big fan of basketball and wanted more than 10 BASKETBALLS!!! He also wanted sleeves for his arm even though he didn't play youth basketball. He also wanted 4 FOOTBALLS!!!Lastly he wanted football equipment, a football helmet, and a mouth guard!!!

The last time this happened he got too much stuff and didn't use it. He told his mom what he wanted and she said no because he wouldn't use it all just like the last time he bought too much stuff.

Even though Jake's mom said no,Jake wouldn't stop asking for things. Now his mom was FRUSTRATED!! She had enough of Jake asking for basketballs and footballs and then not using them. She yelled at him, grabbed his arm, and went to get the gift for George's birthday. Then they headed to the cash register, but Mom forgot her wallet.

She went back to her car to get her wallet but left Jake in the store. While he waited, he went to get the stuff he wanted and snuck it in the shopping cart. The cashier bagged it and waited for Jake's mom to return. When Jake's mom came back she had calmed down until she saw the price. Then,she was angry again!

She complained to the cashier saying that she was being ripped off, but she finally paid. It was only when she was putting everything in the trunk of her car that she realized how much stuff she actually bought. She became so angry that she grounded him for 2 MONTHS! She also returned all the stuff! Then they finally headed home.
When they arrived at home she took all of Jake's toys, expensive consoles and his expensive computer out of his room.The only things left in his room were his bed, dresser and books.Even though Jake had a lot of books, he hated to read because books were puzzling to him. However, after 1 week of being grounded, he started to love reading.

He asked his mom for a lot of books and she tells him no most of the time. It was like buying a lot of equipment for no reason but she is angry because Jake's mom is wasting money on millions of books.Jake's mom has spent over $100 ON BOOKS!!!!!!

She is working two jobs just to put food on the table for her,Jake and George.One job is for Jake to get books and the other job is for the house,food,water and the family.Jake has more than 50 BOOKS!!

Jake's mom got so much books he is grounded for two more months with NO books and she returned half of his books so now she got half of her money back. He only has a bed and a dresser left. Everything was bad but he learned to be grateful of what he has and not to get to many things from a store!
The End!!!