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The Journal of an Explorer

by Tate


May 18, 1497
We set out from Bristol today. I’m lucky to have this job. An orphaned girl, only 13 years old doesn’t get a job on a boat often. Of course, they don’t know I’m a girl. I’m not proud of dressing like a boy but it was the only way I could be this on voyage.
May 31, 1497
Harsh weather today. Rough seas. Some of the crew got seasick, not me. We’d be lost if it weren’t for the compass. I don’t know how it works, but the crew says it’s an invention that will change the world.
June 7, 1497
Stormy today. 3 crew members were lost. Some men have refused to come out of their cabins. I’ve seen Captain Cabot pacing his cabin. He’s worried. Funding from the king is important, we have to find something.