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Oreokastro lake

by Ioanna Georgiadou

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The Artificial lake of Oreokastro
Information about the lake
Name: The Lake of Oreokastro is called "Panagiotis Ishnopoulos" out of the vice president of he municipality of Oreokastro, who came up with the idea
Nationality: Greek
Date of birth: 1999 - 2000, when an old garbage dump was converted into this artificial lake
Place of birth: Oreokastro, a few kilometers away from Thessalonikis'center
Tributary: The lake has two basins, a smaller and the large one
Outlet: -
Branches: no branches
Natural or artificial basin: Artificial basin
Distinguising marks: Poplars and pine trees can be found on the lake’s left side, where unfortunately there is no path. On the other side though, there is a lovely path between the poplars that one can follow, a path that is only about 200 meters long but a pretty nice one. During the autumn colours around the lake are very beautiful!

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