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Modernized Story

by Fátima Yofre


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Adapted by Fatima Yofre and Lucia Rico Molina
This story took place in Paris, A beautiful city in France. Hamlet was really sad because his father had died a short time ago. Hamlet’s father lost his life when he was walking alone the seine. When a car ran over him.
The car driver ran away. Nobody knew who had Him because there were no cameras on that street. That night Hamlet was playing video games when he received a message from his best friend Horatio. It said “my friend I saw your father last night, come to the Effeil tower, then you will understand. Hamlet was confused but he called an Uber to take him there
Hamlet was confued but he called an Uber to take him there When Hamlet arrived there, he met his fathers spirit. The ghost told him his story. He
expleand he had been murmured by Claudius, He had run over him on purpose with a car. Hamlet said to himself “If the ghost story Is true, I will kill my uncle”
That night all the royal family went to the cinema to watch a movie. Hamlet had a very clever Idea, he told the projectionist to change some parts of the movie. He included the ghost story in the movie to see Claudius is reactions. In the middle of the movie Claudius recognize the film and he shouted, stop the movie. Claudius was very nervous and he went waking fast to the chapel and Hamlet followed him. Hamlet saw that Claudius was paring and he listened to his words “ god forgive me for my father murder” Hamlet didn’t kill him because he was praying and he would go to hell.
One day Hamlet went to a club to play tennis Mach. What Hamlet didn’t new was that his opponent and Claudius had a plan to kill him. Hamlet suspective about Claudius, so he got a small gun and pocket. When Mach started Hamlet saw that his opponent had a gun and was taking it of, so as fast as he called Hamlet shouted him. Both shooted at the same time but Hamlet had a shot time to shoot Claudius. He shouted, this is for me fathers murder and he shoot. The following day these were not in world and more.