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(copy) EXAMPLE: Blending Creativity and the Elements of Design

by Paula Hagen


and the
Elements of Design
8th Grade Computer Class
May 2021
Mrs. Hagen
Fourth Quarter has been full of creativity! Eighth grade students learned how to use Pixlr, Google Slides, and Canva all with a focus on the Art of Presentation and the Elements of Design: Font, Color, Movement, White Space, Proportion, Unity, Balance, and Emphasis. They designed the most amazing original, creative, and imaginative designs, posters, and works of art!

This book, created in Bookcreator, provides an example of many of the projects we did with a brief summary of how we did the work. This is my personal work I created for examples, but the students' work is so much more impressive!

~ Mrs. Hagen
We started in Pixlr learning how to make the background of an image transparent. Students discovered that this gave them much more control over how they can utilize and place an image in a design.
Next, we explored how we could take that image with a transparent background and use it in a design or project. In this case, students created a herd or flock using a couple different images. Because the background is transparent, they were able to turn the images or flip them so that they didn't all look quite the same. By resizing some of them, the perception of distance was achieved.
Extending those skills in Pixlr, students created designs by Layering shapes, merging those layers, and then using the Liquify feature. This was really quite fun. It was a fun way to emphasize a character by placing it in the center of the design. Of course, if we had not learned to make the background transparent, these designs would have lost their charm.
Of course, where would the fun be if we didn't learn how to mash up two totally different images? A peacock with the head of a deer is really kind of bizarre, but it got the point across to students that I really expected them to play with this one and have some fun...and did they EVER!