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The Evil Girl: The return of Misora Shino and Inukai Akane

by Ammara


The Evil Girl: The return of Misora Shino and Inukai Akane.
Viana Ammara Restiadi
⚠️ SMALL WARNING ⚠️ : Before reading make sure your 8+ For this book -
Viana Ammara Restiadi the author.
This book is the continuation of The Evil Girl: The first journey.
ONE DAY IN AOGAMI HIGH SCHOOL HALLS "Akane!" Shino cries "It been so long!" "Shino? Where were you?" Akane says while hugging Shino "Oh! I had to do a few stuff! Actually a lot!" Shino replies
"Oh, okay!" Akane says as Miku passes them "Miku! Come!" Shino asks Miku to come "What sister?" Miku asks "What did we do again?" Shino replies "Oh! We went to lots of places! Very fun!" "And Akane? Why are you just looking at Shina!?" "I don't know but she defeated me" Akane replies "Oh?" Shino says while Sakura is passing by "Okay! See you in lunch!"
The next day it was Touka's birthday, Touka went in holding her cake placing it on the table. "Student's! Today its Yukihara Touka's birthday! Touka please stand up!" The Teacher announces "Touka, please say some stuff you want to say!" "Okay Teacher!" Touka replies "So, this year has been my favorite year and I'm talking about years because my birthday is on December 25! Almost next year! I love celebrating in school! Thank you!'' Touka says "Okay Touka! You can go back on your seat now!" "Okay Teacher!"
While walking Touka slipped on Miko's feet "Agh!" Touka screams in pain "Touka! Miko! You can't do that on even her birthday! You want to feel that on yours too? And with your Sister?" The teacher says mad to Miko "I'm sorry!" Miko says, Touka falls again trying to stand, Shina stands "Teacher can I help you?" "Sure Shina!" Shina takes Touka to the nurse when she came back she said "She can't move" Shina says some bad news "Miko! Look at what you done! Please be nicer!" Said the Teacher in anger "I'm sorry!" Miko cries. At break Suzune asks Shina to go to her house later.