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My Memoir for Balanced Literacy Program

by Tatyana Bardar

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Dear Grandpa,

Remember when you created a treasure hunt for me? I remember like it was yesterday! You told me that you found a treasure map and that we were going to follow it. I remember walking in the woods behind your house and finding clues along the way. Little did I know you placed them a hour before. It was magical. It was memorable.

Hey Grandpa!

Remember the long narrow vine that we pretended to swing on like Tarzan? Remember we walked a whole 2 miles and my little legs felt like I was wearing cinder blocks and every step I took felt heavier and heavier? Remember how we would count how many birds we see and whoever had the most won? I remember how much fun this was.

I remember our map led to an end where I found a little toy treasure chest. As a 7 year old, I was amazed. Now as a 22 year old, I know that you got that treasure chest from the kids meal that you and grandma would split since you were that cheap.

Hey Grandpa.

Thank you for showing me that it really is the little things that make a big impact. Thank you Grandpa for this memory.