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A Scary Situation, An Unexpected Storm

by Amie Barker


I was so excited to go camping with grandpa. He takes my siblings and I somewhere wonderful every summer, and it's always the best. We fish, hike, swim, and roast hot dogs over a fire. 

When we reached the campground my sister ran to him excited for what adventures were to come.
The first thing we did was set up our tent. It wasn't cold, but grandpa made sure we brought lots of warm clothing just in case.
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Always be prepared for the unexpected.
After that, grandpa took us on a hike. While we were waking, the wind started to pick up, and grandpa grunted, so I knew something was off.
Don't ignore sudden drops in temperature.
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He had us head back to camp before we reached the end of the hike and told us to dress warmly while he started a fire. So I put on layers and layers of clothes.
Grandpa started to build a fire and asked us to gather large rocks to put in the fire. I thought that was strange but went about my way as he requested.

The wind started to pick up, and the little flecks of snow began to fall.