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Attendance Hero's

by jen maher


At our school coming to school everyday and keeping good attendance is important so that every student has the chance to become the BEST that they can be.
We are asking you to become a HERO!
18 or more days missed....
Did you know......
Missing just one day every two two weeks can add up to 18 days in a year and so many lost opportunities to learn and make friends.
A year has 365 days but a school year only has 182 days.
10 - 17 days missed....
If you are absent an average of 15 days a year you miss a year's worth of school in total.
This leaves 183 days to spend on holidays, family time, shopping, days out and relaxing.
9 or less days missed ....
You benefit the most from your education if you attend school regularly and on time.
A good education will help to give students the best start in life
In school we learn new things and develop our skills and talents
In school we make and develop relationships with friends and teachers
Being in school builds our confidence and gives us higher self-esteem
Being in school will help us be successful
BUT.... still come to school everyday even if you are late. Being here is what's really important!