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Healthy lifestyle: working mode

by Антон Панков


Healthy lifestyle: working mode
Pankov Anton
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Understanding the importance of a well-organized work and rest regime is based on the patterns of biological processes in the body.

Compliance with the work and rest regime is one of the most important conditions for high efficiency of the human body. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the differences in the living and working conditions of certain categories of people engaged in different types of activities.
If a clear regime is observed, a certain biological rhythm of the functioning of the organism is developed, i.e. a dynamic stereotype is developed in the form of a system of alternating conditioned reflexes.

For example, if you are engaged in mental or physical labor daily at the same hours, the body is "brought" to increased efficiency.
- A cat in gloves catches no mice.
They make it easier for the body to perform its work, since they create conditions and opportunities for internal physiological preparation for the upcoming activity.
It must be remembered that the existing rhythms of the body are not independent, but are associated with fluctuations in the external environment, determined mainly by the change of day and night, as well as fluctuations in cycles corresponding to the month, season of the year.
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At the same time, individual characteristics of the body or social factors affect the mode of work and rest. These factors must be taken into account when organizing your activities.