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All Equal

by Maria Mora Castro


All Equal
By: Maria Mora
Authors Note
This book is written to all students who have felt like they didn't belong or felt different. It's okay to be yourself and not worry what others think about you. As long as you are being kind to everyone you have nothing to be worried about. Remember be good and good will come to you. I hope that this book teaches you how getting to know others and ignoring assumptions of people can help everyone get along and create a happier world for everyone.
- Maria Mora
Mom, I am so excited to meet my classmates today!
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Ms. M said we have a new classmate today I wonder who it can be
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- introduce new classmate
- homework 2 due
- reading groups
Class this is Ramon, please say hi!
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Hi everyone!
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The students had never had a classmate so much bigger than them that the freaked out and started screaming and running around the whole class.
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Poor Ramon was so sad. He was so happy to join his class but he never expected that they would act this way to him.