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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

by Zofia, Bartosz and Robbie


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch/Ocean
By Zofia Bartosz And Robbie McArdle
Where is the location?
The Red Arrow Will Show You Where Ireland is!:D
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This is where the great pacific garbage ocean 
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Who is at Fault?
Who is at fault is to due to ocean currents swirling in the north pacific water. These ocean currents called sub tropical gyre perpetually present in the north pacific ocean waters and they are the main reason behind accumalated water
Due to the wind and currents, the GPGP'S location and shape are constantly changing.
Did you know ?
Did you know how much rubbish is in it there is more than 1.8 million pieces of plastic in the patch that weighs an estimated 80,000 tonnes
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Who is helping to clean it up?
The ocean clean up north pacific foundation an organisation that helps to clean up the ocean