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Lost in the Mall

by Lali


Lost In The Mall
by Lali Hajiev
CLINK CLANK CLUNK , another three things fell into our shopping cart.It was 6 pm, then I was 5 years old.I was in a giant 5 floor shop in Germany  and my mom was shopping for cosmetics. I kept whining “Mom! Let’s go to the fifth’s floor. “
“ That's where the toys are and I want to get a dollhouse now!”
“Oh come on Lali, if you scream too loud they are going to kick us out of here,” Mom said.
Before, my life was toys, I had millions of them. Mom was really busy for the whole trip and when I barely got her into that shop the only things she could think of were clothes and jewelry .
After 10-15 minutes I couldn’t wait anymore, but mom wouldn’t budge.
“Mom I’m going to go to the toilet” I told her.
Instead of going there I sneaked out to the lift and went all the way up to the fifth’s floor.I kept searching all over the place for the toy aisle but all I could see were clothes. I went further and further and further and when I finally gave up , I couldn’t find the lift. I immediately panicked. Then I desperately ran around the shop until I bumped into a door . 
I opened it hoping  to find the stairs and unfortunately it was a storage closet and it was full of dirty clothes, they smelled like they haven’t been washed for 10 years. When I stepped inside the closet  the soft big pile of clothes fell on me with a thud.
Now I had to find the door to get out of the  closet. I started kicking and throwing clothes around trying to knock the door open but I couldn’t .I started shouting like my hair was on fire.”Aaaaaaaaah, help me, I can’t see anything , save me!”