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The Need For
More Diverse
Madison Feemster
In a recent Tedx Talk, Chinese American author recalled hearing from a school librarian whose students stopped teasing an Asian classmates after they read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Lin's adventure story starring an a Chinese girl name Minli." (Slater, D. 2016)

Character's can have such an impact on a younger audience as they can feel normalized. Especially in an amazing story. Should she have already felt normalized and not be bullied for it yes but that moment probably changed her life forever.

She can now imagine herself as this character. She can do the same things Minli can do. Now not only does she see that in herself but her classmates do as well.
Children of any age want to see themselves doing their dream. Anything they can imagine. I couldn't even tell you how many young African American girls were in love with Doc McStuffins when she came out. Not only was she a little girl, she was a person of color, who was a veterinarian. That could be so many women of color's dream and the fact that she as represented in not only a TV show but in books and toys and much more made a huge impact.
Citation: Slater, D. (2016, September 9). The uncomfortable truth about children's books. Mother Jones. Retrieved October 3, 2022, from

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