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sports psych playbook!

by Madalyn Jones


A Guide to Psych Town!
Play 1:
What? Looking back on your performance and thinking about what you did well and what you can improve on
Why? I reflect very often but tend to be very harsh on myself. After learning about it in class I realized how much a negatively reflect and that I need to start being more positive when I reflect
Tips for Me:
1. Reflect positively
2. 3-2-1 method
3. Write it down to see progress
Play 2:
What? The ability to be present
Why? The breath helps me it calm down in stressful situations. I use the breath the most when I'm serving, it became apart of my routine because it lowers my nerves
Tips for Me?
1. In for 4, hold, out for 4
2. In through your nose, out through your mouth
3. Breath slowly
Play 3:
Knowing your why?
What? Your why is why you do what you do
Why? I've had a hard time trying to figure out my way, especially recently. Learning about it in class helped me realize that a persons "why" doesn't have to be something grand, mine is as simple as being the best version of myself that I can be
Tips for Me:
-Ask "why is this important"
-Try out new things
-Ask if it's important
Play 4:
What? Being grateful/showing appreciation
Why? It's important to take time and realize how much you have and not take things for granted
Tips for Me:
-Really look around and take in everything around you and what you have
-Show the people that you care for that your grateful for them
- Handwritten notes> a text message
Play 5:
What? Your bodies way of resetting
Why: After the sleep topic in class, I have been way more mindful of my sleep habitat and limiting blue light before bed
Tips for Me:
1. No caffeine at night
2. Keep a cool and dark room
3. Have a consistent wake up time