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Customized Curriculum Book

by Keegan Ducke


Customized Curriculum Book

3rd Grade
SPCE 331
By Keegan Ducke
What is Multiplication?
Combining two or more numbers together to determine their product.
How can we solve
multiplication equations?
Equal Groups-
Tape Diagram-
-Skip Counting
-Number Bond
-Repeated Addition
An arrangement of rows and columns that matches a multiplication equation.
How many rows do you see? ________

How many columns do you see? ________
Complete this equation: ______ x ______ = __15__
Equal Groups
Equal groups have the same number
of items as all the other groups.
How many
blue groups
do you see?
How many
purple dots
do you see
in each group?
Complete this equation: _____ x _____ = ___15__
Tape Diagram
A tape diagram is rectangular drawing that looks like a piece of tape with divisions to support mathematical equations.
Rounded Rectangle
What number
do you see
written in the
boxes above?
How many boxes
have a number
written inside
it in the tape
diagram above?
Complete this equation: __3__ x __5__ = _____