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Bring joy to family,making people happy brings me joy.

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Chrome book problems
by Bryan.R
I am a laptop.
I wonder why I'am forced to open and close when l sleep.
I hear fingers touching my keys (click clack click.)
I see a strange face looking down at my keys.
I want to see what he's doing in my screen.
I am chrome book.
I pretend to be mad.
I feel over heated when I get mad.
I touch my replace screen,
I worry about being broken again every school year.
I cry but no tears only glitches and lags.
I am chrome book.
I understand my troubles is are hard.
I say nothing, I can't speak.
I dream to be not a laptop but a big computer.
I try not to glitch when he types too hard.
I hope to be free of the pain making fingers who type my key.
I am sad, l am mad, I am chrome book.
Learning is my jam

brown peanut butter
research is my creamy
Spy Poem
Silly Imagination
I spy a room darker than the night
l spy a spider that gave me quite a fright
we when to the dark vast room
and ponder "was this my doom!?"
but then a white flash made my eyes flicker
and then my sight grow ticker
and then I realized..."this was a theater!?"
If we go into the sky

that's evaporation
if we turn in to a clouwd