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This is Freaky Friday.This Movie is on Disney Plus. This movie is really good. This movie is based on them switching bodies. This movie is so good. This movie came out 2003 it was such a good movie.
This is the Restraunt they went to in this is when the magic happend with all that switch in it was called Freaky Friday. This movie is so good. This movie is a old movie but at the same time a good one.
The reason It's called Freaky Friday is because this stuff was happening on a Friday it was so fun in good to watch so good.
These Were Anna friends they was ok. Sometimes they would put things in her mind to tell her mom what to do but still they were really close friends.
In they had there own banned. They was really good at they banned. At the end of the movie they was consived to go in to a banned.They was so comptived in they won because they was good.
This is when they had a fight about Anna wanted to go to a banned but the mom said no because that was her dinner that night. Well you should no miss your moms dinner before the wedding its kinda sad.
This is when the finally notice they switched bodies. They tried so much to get here bodies back. They ran into each other that was so funny. They tried every thing they could in find to get there bodies back.
Freaky Friday!
They had so much good films. They did there best. They were so good. They had a lot of good actress in this movie. No, this is not a series this is a book. This Book is so good. These movies are so good if you put your mind to it I loves this movie so much it was the bomb. I enjoyed how they switched Bodies.
This is when she found her a friend. His name is Jake. He was kinda really friendly to her. Sometimes she would get nervous. She would always get scared to talk to him. She was just so nervous but she pushed through.
This movie was so good. In she also had a brother. Her in the brother would always get in to much fights it was bad. She would always close her door from it. It was really bad They would kinda hit also in the mom would always go for the brother.