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by Derek Laitinen


Table of contents.
Different soccer leagues.
Rules of soccer.
All about the author.
In soccer there is so many soccer teams I cannot even count if you play soccer then you should watch the Premier League it is so fun also if you watch soccer then you should like Liverpool cuz that is my favorite team.
Rules of soccer. The first soccer rule is if you slide tackle somebody you might get a yellow card. The second rule is if you pass the ball up and your behind everybody then that is offsides.
If you get two yellow cards then you will have to get
kicked out of the game then if you get done you might be soon suspended for a bunch of games.
And also if you use a hand then you will get a yellow card too and if you get two yellow cards be kicked out of the game as well if you get a yellow card in the box it is a big box where where if you hurt somebody and get a a yellow card then you will then the other team will be able to score a penalty kick and then they might score every single time.
Eva is a game related to soccer. It's a game where you can play with your friends you can play with as many people as you want you can be a soccer team there are different teams and there are some places you can also make a player where you can be a team and you can do the season for a very very very very very really really really really really really long time.
All about the other!!!!!! my name is Derek and I love to play video games my favorite video game is Roblox and FIFA my family is very tall I am
5 ft tall I love to play with my friends and I my school is Robertson Elementary School. My friends and I always play FIFA together.
And I love Legos.