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American Indian Journal

by Cecilia Fakahua


The Great Plains
By: Cecilia Fakahua
Table of Contents
Meet my Person!
-------------------- Chapter 1
Greats Plains Food
----------------------- Chapter 2
------------------------ Chapter 3
------------------------- Chapter 4
Greats Plains Houses
------------------------ Chapter 5
------------------------ Chapter 6
Hello, My name is Mathew and my dog Dakota! I am 15 years old and Dakota is 2 years old in human years( and 24 years in dogs years) and we both live in our tribe called Cheyenne with my family. I have two twin big sisters who are both 19 years old and are both named Aalin and Audhild. I also have one big brother who is married and name Abaddon. My father is named Bahari and is a hunter in the family, who sometimes hunts with me and my brother or he does it himself, but sadly I have no mother. She was sadly killed by someone/animal, we sill have not found out who, but father, brother and sisters would tell me how she was a lovely person and name was Mara. Even though I have no mother I was still able to have a good life with my father, brother and sisters.
Chatper 2
When my people from the Great Plains eat we would have many kinds of food to eat in the wild, but we mostly eat wild Bison. The bison was the main source of food for my tribe. It is called the Bison Hunting. When we get the bison we would use the meat for all kinds of food like soup and other kinds of food. We dried then stored it for a long time. For the other leftover skin and bones from the bison we would use it to make blankets, winter clothes and tepee from the bison hide. The skin was made water bags and the stomach would become the soup for the kettle. The spoons were made by the horns. The hooves, ribs and bones would be for rattles, knives, women's awl, needles and sleds. The skull would be considered the mighty and we would put it in our sacred altar. When it comes to food, my tribe has the best.
Chapter 3
My tribe's clothing is comfortable and unique in its own way. the women in my tribe wear dresses made from elk and deer skins. The women wear necklaces made from bones, bear claws or beads. My dad told me how skilled my was mom was at making these necklaces and she would wear the during any of our traditional ceremonies. My dad and I wear pants and moccasins made out deer skins. Moccasins are worn on our feet. When it get hot, we just wear a breechchloth, which is a little cloth around the front and back. The twins love fashion, so they enjoy wearing dresses and my mom's old jewelry. As you see, my tribe's clothing is remarkable.
Chapter 4
For my peoples houses there are many kinds but there is one house with use  that is mostly  the  Tepee. The tepee was made of a wooden pole that would be tied together at the top. And the poles would be covered with the Buffalo skins. Then there would be a hole all the way at the top where the smoke would be coming out. I would use this house and when it was time to move to a different sotp would use this carrier called a Travois. It is very helpful to get around places.