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How to solve mysteries

by mariola dunicari


How to solve mysteries ?
Steps that will maybe help you solve mysteries/cases easier.
Step 1.

Concentrating. Playing mind games can help you concentrate on your clues & think, and act faster on what you're doing.
Step 2.

Avoid multi-tasking. It may look like you're doing everything faster and easier but in reality, its just messing your mind up and ur going to be more confused.
Step 3.

Read Logic. It might sound like a really boring word to you but it actually helps alot on judging the vadility of arguments and conclusions.
Step 4.

Ask the suspects questions about the case/mystery. They can lead you to what you're looking for.
Step 6.

Search on the crime scene for more useful clues. You could find anything in the scene that could be very useful on your problem.
Step 5.

Finding footprints & fingerprints of the person you're trying to find. Finding their prints can be hard enough but its going to be a lot easier on solving the case/mystery after finding them.

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