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Innovation Celebration Hover Car



Worlds Best Hover Car
by Easton Nickel
- 4th Grade -
Table of Contents:
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1. Cover

2 .Table of Contents

3. Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results

4. Innovator's Journal including 5 Entries

5. Invention/Innovation Design Brief

6. Innovation Description

7. Research Questions

8. Survey

9. Schematic

10. Advertisement

11. Sources

12. Presentation Checklist
Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results
(1) What dose not work as well as you would like it to work?When you want to watch TV but the TV Goes static.
(2) What problem would you like to be solved?When you drive in traffic and it takes so long so if your in a hover Car you can just fly over the traffic.
(3) If you could invent something to make your life easier,what would you invent? A hover Car so if your ever stuck then you can get out really fast.
Innovator's Journal

Problem: In case you run out of gas then you get stranded on the road.If your in a hover car you can charge your car.Or We can Make it where it has UMLIMITED Power.
Possible Solutions:So When I Grow Up I Will Try To Make A Infinte Battery Hover Car Because I Will Try To Make It Fly
Invention/Innovation Design Brief
Attachment #7
Name Of Invention:Hover Car
Possible Uses:To Fly Around And Fly Over Traffic.
Materials Needed:LED Lights,Medal,Wood,Pintarp,And wires so it can fly.
Some Of my Steps.1 Build The Base Of The Car.2 Set Up All The Wires.3 Make The Interior.4 Drive The Car And Have Fun.
Innovation Description
Attachment #8
Theoretical Basis:The Base of The car is...The Engine will be in the center and their will be fans everywhere around it so it can fly and wires will hook every thing up.
How will This Help:It will help go over traffic and get places faster.Like at 290MPH