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Innovation Celebration Sunshine Umbrella


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Innovation Celebration
By: Lucy Avelar
- 4th Grade -
Table of Contents:
1. Cover

2 .Table of Contents

3. Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results

4. Innovator's Journal including 5 Entries

5. Invention/Innovation Design Brief

6. Innovation Description

7. Research Questions

8. Survey

9. Schematic

10. Advertisement

11. Sources

12. Presentation Checklist
Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results
One thing that does not work as well as well is maybe a pencil eraser, I would love to see traffic get solved by someone that would be awesome! One thing that would maybe be invented to make life a lot easier is a flying car to get through traffic or get places faster!
But one thing is for sure that the number one problem at home is my puppy, a problem at school maybe is like the homework is too easy for me! The airport line takes a huge amount of time, traffic takes a huger mount of time! I'm pretty sure the most annoying thing at the grocery store is the lines just like H-E-B!
The malls items cost way to much money and the mall maps these days are really hard to find! At the park or playground is that kids would always steal the fun things (for example) swings and marry go round.
There's one thing only wrong with the cafeteria is that the food line to got my food always takes a long time!
One problem to basically everybody is traffic, it takes up so much time! But, one solution to that problem is fly cars! Flying cars can just swoop right over all of the traffic. It would be a life saver to the world!
Innovator's Journal

Cars solved a solution of walking and horse back riding, but it made a problem its self. It is putting oil in the ground and animals are dying!
If I could solve this problem I would take away the oil in cars and stop the pollution. I would also try to make a oil proof road so the oil cannot go into the ground and cause more pollution.
Questions for customers: Do you think this is a good innovation? How would I improve it? How much money would you pay for it?
I am pretty sure the heater,light, and water proof frabric.
Invention/Innovation Design Brief
The name that I am planning on picking for my innovation is called "The Sunshine Umbrella"
I think the materials needed are maybe and thin or thicker handle (Rod).
Step #1 I would have to remove the fabric then make a new handle, Step #2 Then, Make fabric thicker so water does not go threw, Step #3 Then, I will make it colorful or edit it just as how customers say.
My innovation can help you in any of these problems
Innovation Description
The Sunshine Umbrella's possible uses are 1 used as a umbrella 2 used as a light 3 and used as a heater in the winter.
One reason that I created was because people don't dry as fast as this innovation would. Two How I came up with this idea was by it was raining one day and I couldn't dry as fast but this could help!
This will help by when people are walking at night while its raining this will help them see where they are going.
Research Questions
Sunshine Umbrella Questions: Why was this invented?
What problem did this solve? When will this be most needed? Who would use this innovation? Where is this innovation in most need? How did this help other peoples life?
Finger Fan Questions: Why was this innovation invented?
What was the reason for creating this innovation? When was this innovation created? Who would use this innovation? How did I come up with this idea? What did this problem solve?
Confy Mask Questions: Why did you choose to create this innovation? What is one good reason that you created this innovation? When will this innovation be in most need? Who would use this item? Where would it be in most need? How could I innovate this innovation?
Double tap this picture and it would take you to my survey!⬆