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Innovation Celebration Hang Glider Remote Research



Innovation Remote Control
Hang Glider Research
Speech Bubble
Anaruth Tapia
4th grade
Table of Contents:
1. Cover

2 .Table of Contents

3. Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results

4. Innovator's Journal including 5 Entries

5. Invention/Innovation Design Brief

6. Innovation Description

7. Research Questions

8. Survey

9. Schematic

10. Advertisement

11. Sources

12. Presentation Checklist

13. The picture of my project

14. Picture of my Logo
Innovation Idea
Survey Results
What does not work as well as you would like it to work? Wean im making something.
What problems would you like to see solved? That some people get tired when they are hang gliding.
If you could invent something to make your life easier , what would you invent? A remote control hang glider four people that want to hang glide longer.
What is the most annoying problem? At home that i have to do chorse.And at school that you live fare away and you have to hury to go to school.
Journal Entries
Problem? That some people get tired wean thear hang gliding.
Possible Solutions? Get equipment to not get tired and i will add a seat instead of the harnest.
What ideas or products already exist that solve the problem , if any? Food ice pads water fan.
How can you improve on these existing solutions , if any? Yes the hang glider to a remote control hang glider.
Innovation Design Brief
Name of invention? Remote control hang glider
Possible Uses? Four the fire man.
Materials Needed? Paper , glue , clay , string.
Procedure? first make the control bar than the sale than make the controlors on the control bar and finally the engends and the chair.
Innovation Description
Name of innovation: Remote Control Hang Glider
Possible Uses: A corten a antic
Theoretical basis: That it has engense crontrols that it will help you do triks and i came out with this idea in october 2021 or more in the future.
How will this help: Rescuse and hang gliding longer.