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Innovation Celebration Solar School Scooter



Solar School Scooter
by Mason Howard
- 4th Grade -
Table of Contents:
table of contents
1. Cover

2 .Table of Contents

3. Invention Innovation 1 thing you need to make a bus Idea

4. Innovator's Journal including 5 Entries

5. Invention/Innovation Design Brief

6. Innovation Description

7. Research Questions

8. Survey

9. Schematic

10. Advertisement

11. Sources

12. Presentation Checklist
Invention/Innovation Idea Survey Results
Attachment #5
. i did the most people with on the
Question got so i can look at the right one and see the one for my bus
Innovator's Journal
including 5 Entries
Attachment #6
next you will need to have 10 trash cans 1 bath room the seats a soft the 10 fans 2 med kits 2
Invention/Innovation Design Brief
Attachment #7
the law have a face with a smile a good time happy all day
Innovation Description
Attachment #8
your bus will have a battery and a soller panle and 3 trash cans 1 bath room weels the last forever. a lot of fans competers a air bag and a big tank 8 weels