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Augustus's Decision

by Chaturvedi Naisha


Augustus's Decision
By Cheyenne Vieira (Blue), Alena Ngo (Purple), Naisha Chaturvedi (Red)
Illustrated By Cheyenne Vieira, Alena Ngo
In the city of Pompeii, where fields are many, Augustus is working on the farms. Wheat and barley fill the fields creating massive yellow and slight brown lands across the bottom half of the horizon. The sun peeks over the yellow-full land and the air is hot and humid. His face full of sweat, yet he must continue working for his family's survival.
While Augustus is working on the fields, he spots his son running towards him to tell him that he must come home immediately. "For it is urgent, Father!"

Augustus hurries back home with his son. When he enters the house, he finds his panicked wife laying on the bed. Seeing that she's in a lot of pain, he calls out for the midwife. “Hello! Is there anyone here to help?” 

No response. Augustus’s wife looks up at him with pain in her eyes and says, “The midwife hasn’t come today.” His face turns pale.
Augustus calls his son off and explains, “Son, this work is urgent and I cannot allow a minute of my time to be wasted for your means.” His son leaves after the continued yelling, but Augustus feels something amiss. He continues to care for the barley and wheat. Yet a few moments later, he could hear a noise coming from the direction of his house. It sounded somewhat like a scream or yell…