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The Endless Nightmare

by Elodie Galin


The Endless Nightmare
The cursed and bloody wedding of Ashford 6
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Lady Madeline16
He was here 23
Saturday night 30
Our scary movies!!!83

Riyah's anger (the mirror) 84

Saturday night 85

The visions 86
The Visions37
Drawings/ dessins by Auriane79
The vault without life 43
Riyah's anger56
Bloody Hunter 63
Making off/ coulisses
Charles Piquion 88 et 91
Justine Jotham 89 et 90
The night in the Wood 69
Quelques photos des intervenants et des élèves 92
chapitre 1: mariage
Le mariage maudit/ ensanglanté
chapitre 2: séquestration ou intrusion
Lady Madeline
Un samedi soir
chapitre 3: surnaturel
La colère de Riyah
La vision
Le tombeau sans vie
Il était là
chapitre 4: violence
La nuit dans la forêt
Le chasseur ensanglanté
chapter 1: wedding
The cursed and bloody wedding
chapter 2: sequestration or trespass
Lady Madeline
chapter 3: supernatural
Saturday night
He was here
The visions
Riyah's anger
The vault without life
chapter 4: violence
The night in the wood
Bloody hunter

And then, Madelaine saw the corpse of her dear friend, Alayana, lyed on the floor , face down on the ground, her arms stretched out and her beautiful blond shining hair through the dark. There wasn’t any blood. Madelaine was staring at her. It shocked her greatly . She knew something bad was going to happen ,but she wasn’t expecting something so awful. Madelaine was cheerful. Indeed, she waited for this moment for months : her wedding, the most beautiful day of her life . She was in the car , holding the hand of her new husband , Adam . They were driving through the Ashford countryside, under a rainy weather . After a long moment alone on the road , they finally saw the huge black gate of the domain rent for the reception .They drave through a long and sinuous path as for as the castle . The old manar was heavy and creepy .The stones of the walls weathered ans cracked. Iry was invading these walls. The mansion was dived into the fog , and the sky was becoming darker and darker. A storm was surely about to happen. They entered inside the manor, a cold gust of wind blow through them. The reception room was spacious, the wooden floor cracked under their feet. A crimson tapestry was covering the walls. A massive chandelier adorned with candles dominated the room.          
The cursed Wedding of Ashford