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by Jeremy Oliver Gunawan


Chatting safely online
Hello readers,

I am going to talk about a risky dilemma in an online chat. I will also share about my experience in an online chat.
Speech Bubble
Lets observe this situation:
Sara loves taking pictures and posting them to Instagram. A few months ago, she noticed alex_eastwest13 liked several of her photos and commented "you are so talented!" Sara was flattered. Then she received a private message from alex_eastwest13 asking if she was a professional photographer or if she wanted to be one someday. Sara responded that it was her dream to be one when she grew up. Now they talk a lot through private messaging. Sara also posts comments on alex_eastwest13's photos, which are mostly of random objects and nature scenes. Last week, alex_eastwest13 asked if she would post more selfies because "i think you are beautiful." Alex_eastwest13 also messaged her a cell number so she could send more personal pictures. "Just don't tell anyone I gave you this," alex_eastwest13 commented.

Here are my ways to respond related to this situation ( question 2 A to D )
The people who are involved in this: Sarah and alex_eastwest 13

Sarah's feeling: Sarah is felling a little uncomfortable because alex_eastwest 13 wants her to send personal photos

How Sarah could handle this situation: Sarah could tell alex_eastwest13 that she was uncomfortable in sending personal photos and if alex_eastwest13 keeps on doing it then she could also block and alex_eastwest13.
My interesting situation while using online chat
My story: Someone texted me but he/she didn't realize that she texted the wrong number. And at first I was confused and when I ask who he/she was they didn't respond.

My response: I ask who he/she was

My feeling: I was confused because I have never seen this number

Thank You