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All about me!

by Leah Clark

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I love my family! My husband and I have been married almost 19 years! We have 2 boys! Our oldest is 15 and our youngest is 11. We have a beautiful black Labrador Retriever named Lucy.
Our home was built by my dad and my brother. I am honored to live here from their hard work! We love to fish, hunt, and be outside!
When I am not a wife and mother, I am the Mayor of Ellaville. I was born and raised in Ellaville. I am very proud of our community and wanted to make a difference. I have almost completed my first 4 year term. My re-election will be this November.
Married for 43 years! 
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My parents! My mom and dad taught me the definition of hard work and determination. They taught me I can do anything! I also have a brother, sister-in-law, and 2 nephews. They live in Mississippi.
This spring my husband's 87 year old grandmother and I, had a garden. I LOVED every minute we spent out there. We grew jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, squash, white peas and purple hull peas. A side note, she is a twin. She and her sister lived side by side the last 15 years and dressed alike, until a stroke hindered her sister. "Granny" is a strong woman who has overcome many adversities.
Before I returned to school to get my second degree, I built, owned, and operated the Play Zone for 18 years. It was hard. I sold the business in 2019. I knew I was in the right field. Just not in the right position!
Weird side note! As a teacher I am looking forward to Homecoming Weeks!!
Dynamic Duo Day
Bo and Luke Duke!
My son and his friend.
My youngest son the Wolverine

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