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by Alex morocho


Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano

Nombre: Alex Morocho

Curso: 3 "C2"

Tema: Gadgets ere GOOD!

Design and features:
-Has a professional camera
-Large memory space (16G)
-Resolution 1,242 pixels
-Contactless unlocking sensors.

It is of great quality since it is carried out with great technological advance.

Sale of brand phones (Iphone)

Opinion and
-It has great technology
-Stainless steel frame
-Made of glass on the back
-A great finish
-Very modern
Price and place
We can find several prices between $ (400-1000) dollars
It could be imported or in Apple stores (Iphone)
Said product for sale are Iphon cell phones that are smart and modernist devices that have several characteristics such as great technology, it also has large memory space that is 16 to 32 G, it also includes a camera and video at a resolution of up to 2800 pixels, it has a great finish structural, and includes several important and necessary applications for our use. This product is available in Apple stores as they give you guarantees for the purchase.

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