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Airy The Life Saver Fairy

by Akifa Pratama


Airy the Life Saver Fairy
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One Sunday morning there was a fairy named Airy. She was going to the beach. When she got there she put all her stuff next to the shade and then went near the ocean just at that time she saw a Big Giant Shark. She scream and shouted "Megalodon....!!! Megalodon....!!!".
Then she heard someone say "Help!,,,Help! There's a Megalodon and I'm drowning!"
Airy was so scared and she forgot to bring her magical stick. So she haded to have an idea fast and her idea was to call the lifeguard to ask for help.
First, she called the Lifeguard to save the poor boy. Then, all the team came to help and they rescued the poor little boy. Next, they try to warn people around to move away from the water. Finally the little boy was so happy because he was safe. Everyone cheered at Airy and had a party. The Lifeguard came and he said," Good job Airy you received a badge and a certificate" and everyone lived happily ever after.
The End
Airy The Life Saver Fairy
A fairy help a little boy from drowning and big giant shark without her magical Power
Written by Akifa