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When do i wear my mask?

by Katie Browning


This is CBE. Lots of kids go to school here, and are in the classrooms with their teachers everyday. We have all been wearing masks in school to keep us safe from the virus.
Sometimes we don't have to wear our masks in the classroom. We take off our masks when we eat, when we sleep, and when we swim!
For a long time we had to wear masks when we played outside, but now we don't have to if our grownups say it's ok. Some kids and some teachers still wear their masks outside.
For a long time it was not a choice about wearing a mask at school. All the kids and all the teachers had to wear a mask to keep each other safe from the virus.
Now we know more about the virus and we know how to take care of people. Soon, the grownups will say that there is a choice about wearing a mask at school.