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curriculum I

by nicole barahona vega


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Curriculum I
Multipurpose textbook
for English students
Universidad Hispanoamericana
Teacher Laura Montero Chacon
By Nicole Barahona
Education holds the key to human progress. Education plays an important role in bringing change. (Kolangi, 2014, parra.l)
Education is the process of
facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.
* Course of study.
* Teaching tool
* Going somewhere in a predefined direction.
* The glossy booklets that contain the content to be taught. 
... can refer to the total structure of ideas and activities developed by an educational institution to meet the learning needs of students, and to achieve desired educational aims. Some people use the term to refer simply to the content of what is being taught. Others include also the teaching and learning methods involved, how students’ attainment is measured and the underlying philosophy of education.
Dictionary of Education (Rowntree, 1981)
Session 1
Curriculum and Education
Curriculum is the teaching tool for teachers that includes criteria, study plans, methodology, programs and each and every one of the processes that will serve to provide students with a comprehensive and complete training.
Critical Perspective
It seems a bit difficult to understand but with practice doubts are clarified.

It includes all the academic, human and material resources that will be needed to carry out the educational project marked by current legislation.

Feasibility of implementation
It is the essential structure of the set of subjects of any school, institute or university, and it is what determines and defines the teaching processes in each field.