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The Golden Times Bell Magazine

by Paige Votry


Bell middle school
Golden Times
Cover by: Paige Votry
By Lyndsey Drabek

Standing by the crackling fire. 
Crackle, crackle. Warm and

Warm and cozy. 
Snug as a bug by the crackling fire. 
Pop-pop crack-crack. In silence sighting there 
By the fire liaising to the pops and cracks.

Woosh-woosh you hear the wind, 
As you are inside staying warm by 
the crackling fire. 

crack -crack you hear as you talk quietly. 
Whisper whispers you hear as the people chat. 
The fire starts to fade so you add more wood. 
Stack-stack you hear as someone stacks 
The wood.

Crack- crack you hear again as the fire revives. 
By: Eliana Snodgrass
Nature. What do you think of when you hear this word?

Whatever you sense, feel, think, none of it is true.

You cannot even begin to comprehend the true meaning of nature, nor can you grasp its prescence.

 You shouldn’t be surprised. 

You are simply a human.

And every sensible organism in this planet knows that humans cause trouble.

They don’t play the game of predator versus prey.

They are a parasite.

They infect everything, and spread everywhere.

But that doesn’t mean that all of them are malevolent.

Some humans… are good.

But only a select few.

You could be a part of that.

But only if you help.
5 Ways to Contribute to the Salvation of the Planet
By: Eliana Snodgrass
Trash, food waste, paper. It seems like it’s all the same thing,
but it’s not. Every day, kids and adults throw away more food than they ate.
What’s the solution to this? Compost. Composting food is not only good for the planet; it’s good for you. The more food waste you compost, the more fresh, healthy soil there is in the world. Your compost is processed by a company and then transformed into soil. Just think about it. Every day, through your food, drinks, and clothes, you take from the earth. You never had a chance to give back. But now, through compost, you can re-gift your food to the earth. Not only is there more soil, but there’s more space for plants to grow and decomposers to thrive. 
Recycle: All over the world,
paper is thrown into landfills.
Not only is this wasting natural
resources (trees) but the paper
is left in a dump when it could’ve
been recycled. Recycling is a great way to save resources, and save our Earth. You can recycle everything from soda cans and yogurt cups to paper and some plastic. This is not only beneficial for your waste, but it also gives back to the environment, stopping more trees from being cut down.
Adopt a Pet: Many people in the world have pets. Dogs, cats, fish, bunnies - you name it! Most of these animals are from breeders or large facilities. Sadly, every time a person takes a puppy or kitten from a breeder, a stray dog or cat is either taken to an animal shelter or left in the wild. However, you can help with this - by adopting a stray or rescue dog or cat. Although you might expect these homeless furballs to have diseases or health disorders, these can be removed with a few shots and vaccines. Some pets that might have experienced cruelty from humans might be skittish or distrusting, but they’ll get used to you if you show them enough love and affection. More likely than not, rescue pets change your life in more positive ways than not, and you can change theirs too if you adopt them.
Green Trash
Disinfect with Cloths, not Clorox: Although Clorox and other wipes are easy to clean with, are sold in neat containers that are easy to sort through, and are generally useful, they make up for a lot of waste. Every day, whether you’re cleaning your desk after first period or wiping down your kitchen counter, these wipes are thrown away. Every. Single. Day. And unlike most products, these wipes cannot be composted nor recycled. They simply go to waste in landfills. However, instead of using these, you could buy a rag or cloth and disinfectant spray. If you spray a dirty surface with this spray and then wipe it with a rag, you can wash the rag and then use it again and again. This saves many wipes from being thrown away.

Bring your own Bag/Bottle: Now that you know to compost, recycle, adopt strays, and disinfect with cloths, not clorox, it’s time for the last terrific tip: Bring your own bag and bottle. Grocery stores, jewelry shops, and basically any other business offers plastic or paper bags. Although you can reuse these, they most often end up in landfills. Instead, bring your own reusable bag to your shopping center, and you could save a lot of money, and stop bags from being thrown in the landfill. The same goes for your water bottle. A ton of people drink from plastic bottles, whether they’re drinking water, Gatorade, or soda. These bottles are also thrown away. Instead, bring a reusable bottle to school, work, and sports! Reusable bottles don’t only last longer, hold more water, and can easily be washed, but they can help save the environment.

All in all, if you follow these tips and more, YOU can help save the planet
Save the Planet
Jack Barber