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The Mirror House

by Valeria Batista


The Mirror House
Valeria Batista
I'm a normal guy, with a normal life.

I live in a small town and go to a normal school, so I'am always as busy as a bee with my homeworks and tests. My favorite food is French fries

My name is Aiden and I have 2 friends, Lili and Andrew.

Lili have a hearth of gold, she is a very kind person.

Andrew is my best friend, he is the funiest person ive ever met, have been with me since we were like 5, we have a very special friendship.
You'll probably think that I'm an antisocial person because I only have 2 friends, but since I live in a very small town with a popullation of 35 persons.

Lili, Andrew and me are the only teens in the town, the other kids are 10, or less, so we don't really talk to them that much.

Since my town is so small and have a very low popullation everyone knows everyone...except of one person, we don't even know his name because no one has ever seen him, we have even think that hes dead, but we are really sure he is alive because we have heared noises from there.
There's a lot of scary rumors about him, even being near of his house is scary.

Nobody cared about that, at least not the adults, they thinked that it was absurd and didn't payed attention, until Annie disappeared and her belongings were foud at the entrance at the mysterious neighbor's house last week.

Annie is a 9 year old child and she is Lili's sister, so she felt really bad and missed school for one week.
The adults of the town though that Annie was lost in the forest or something, but my friend and I were pretty sure that the mysterious neighbor kidnaped her.

Nobody belived us so we needed to find Annie alone, we created a plan to enter the house, find Annie and then the neighbor was going to be expulsated from town, it seemed simple.

We when going to toit that same night, everithing was planned.
The night approached we were in front of the mysterious neighbor's house, it was scarier than the final exams, we almost get back.

I won't lie both Lili and me were afraid but Aiden wasnt scaried at all, but we needed to save Annie, so we entered the house.

Everything seemed old and damaged, and the house sang a terrifying melody, just like an abandoned place,there were 3 doors a 2nd floor and a base ment, it was a small house so we thoght it was going to be easy and fast to find Annie. We were going to look for Annie together.