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Hi nice to mite you my name markkaylia blackwood
i well tell you a but decmal
a calculator well not work for this you need a
but it need ths at the and like if you have the
Normal place value and

You would have another place value. Lay on this place while you don't have ones. You have ones tens hundreds thousands good up and open but every part as a t h s at the end. So it makes it a decimal. Like if if you had a. 2.9. It will be equal. Turn the fraction
It will be 29 / 10. Because you are doing in the fraction sum 29 would be the numeral and 10 is the demon in nature. I know it's a improper fraction but he's not talking about info for our proper fraction at this moment we're doing. Numara decimal fraction. So we will put that as a answer.
Like if you had a decimal fraction. Okay U of A 2.9 in them and they're going to want to turn that into a fraction. So you will first 22.9 put it over the top as the numeral. 10 as the demon need to button it goes like that it's 2.9. So you won't have it like that. 2.9 you're going to put the Nyan over in the new Marketplace. No accident with a mixed fraction. I did my nature to a mixed fraction. 32.9 you're going to put the net over the numerator. I had to be as a mixed fraction put in his side of it so we have 9 / 10. Answer as a mixed fraction. So that's how you do it I'm going to give you an example.
ok we finsh wirt so you and ston ok have a brake 12 mins