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My science experiment

by Hannah Gallagher


Todays Experiment
For todays experiment, we were trying to see what could keep the water the warmest or coldest for the longest period of time.
We will be using lots of different kinds of fabrics and materials to see what will insulate the water the best.
Enjoy the experiment!!
Check out the examination results at the back of the book!!
We started by wrapping our cups up in different fabrics!
Have you seen any of these before??
We used thermometers to measure how hot or cold the water was getting!!
Have you ever seen one of these before??
We watched the temperature rise and drop.
We wrote the temperature on our examination result sheet every 1-2 minutes!
Can anyone guess what fabric kept the water warmest???
Examination Result Sheet
Look at our examination result sheet and tell us if you guessed right or wrong??