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What we did today

by Bhavjot Grewal


Trip to Moccasin Trail
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What We Did Today?
We went to the Moccasin Trail today. It was a beautiful journey. 
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Before beginning the hike we read Land Acknowledgement. We felt so proud of our ancestors who owned this land.
It was time to meet the guide who explained us about the indigenous background of the Moccasin trail and how it originated; people who lived before and after colonization; the treaty in which the land is now involved.
We walked through the trail exploring its features, noting our observations in our journals, taking pictures and videos for later use.
We learnt –
·      The trail honours Oakville’s rich indigenous heritage.
·      It features a series of 13 plaques containing Indigenous stories, verses and information relating to the land, water and sky, giving a deeper understanding of indigenous heritage.