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by Theodora Giannakidou


"Communicate, Share and Learn"
Joint Staff Meeting C6, Katerini Greece
Tukuma novada speciālās izglītības iestāde, Latvia
During classes or after-class activities students can make dolls and puppets using different materials. Students are involved in the whole process starting from the idea of the puppet and ending with a puppet show which can be only demonstrating the dolls/puppets to each other or showing a story or event written by students and the teacher or also using a fairy tale plot and characters.
The method is based on balance, movement co-ordination and sensations.
The method enables the child to be faster and more productive in acquiring learning content, since their attention is more focused on what happens here and now.
It can be used by any child or adult who wishes to make the learning process more interesting, to learn the subject faster and more efficiently, or who does not like the particular learning subject, or who has difficulty concentrating or remembering.
The balance platform is especially useful for active, restless children, with poor attention, as well as shy and unmotivated children. In the school environment it can be used in class, as well as for individual work.
Interactive sandbox creates an interactive environment for study, play and creative activities. For children, augmented reality turns an ordinary sandbox into a world full of magic. For teachers, the sandbox boosts the productivity of lessons or therapy with a positive psycho-emotional impact.
The Interactive Sandbox creates a unique world of experience where the projection responds to your action; dig, build, role, place objects, work together & play!
Creating a story (fairytale) using different pictures, increasing student's fantasy and scripting.
Making a wooden digits poster
Our students along with their teacher draw, colour wooden pixels , creative a huge posters decorating their school. It was so creative procedure that made us all very happy!
Making illustrated note book
Students with their teacher doing their best to create a notebook illustrated on the front and on the back side. Following all the stages of the marking off. Being happy and proud.
Spojená škola Piešťany, Slovakia
Spider therapy
•Physiotherapeutic approach
•Placed in universal exercise cabin
•Child is secured using ropes of various elasticities and belts
•makes easier training of basic movements in relief
•offers for vestibular system new unknown perceptions
•helps to achieve full range of motion, muscle and joint flexibility and functional motor skills
•cage exercises is also fun for children, because it gives them a sense of success and freedom

-therapy with animals
-uses the positive effect of the animal on emotional and physical health of a person
What it is?
-Canis therapy is a supportive alternative treatment that uses the positive effect of the presence and contact of the dog and therapist on health, physical, mental and social well-being.
-to improve fine motor skills, short-term memory, spatial orientation
-ability to concentrate
-improve visual and auditory differentiation
-reduce psychomotortension
-relieve stress
-motivate to tasks

Spojená škola Piešťany, Slovakia
Dance Without Borders Piešťany (dance competition)
From the year 2014 our school organizes an event for children from the special schools named "Dance Without Limits", usually in the end of the May. Every year, about 150 children with various handicaps take part in this project; they are preparing for this event together with their teachers, performances with enthusiasm and joy, they get to know each other, learn to cooperate, help each other, they can win, same as healthy children. 
The event has two categories - folk and modern dance, so children not only focus on modern dances, but they get to know also folklore customs
and traditions.The event in previous years has been supported by singers and TV stars famous in Slovakia; it is also presented on regional television and in the press. Students from about 16 schools meet at the dance show,
they can inspire each other and also have the opportunity to meet music and TV stars in person, which is a great motivation and reward for them.
Spojená škola internátna Namestovo, Slovakia
Learning maths using digital technology.
A very easy way to learn.
How to use "Quiver" application.
Pictures become alive and students feel happier.
In the video, with the help of BlueBot, we learn English words, geometric shapes, we enjoy educational activities for the Day of healthy nutrition.
FlySky Interactive Floor
Pupils learn through play. When drawing, we guess the word that the student drew. We divide the word into syllabols, spell the guessed word. We match the picture to the shadow, play math games and other fun activities where we repeat the lessons.