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exiled spiders

by Caitlin


This exhibit focuses on the London based band, Exiled Spiders. This exhibit starts with the formation of the band in 1977, and how each individual member joined. The band consists of Dutch Pierce; the guitarist, Drea Grey, lead singer and bassist; Elvira Valentine, pianist and songwriter; and Ani Iver, drummer. In 1978, the band released it’s premier album, “19 x Angsty” which took the world by storm. Also in 1978, the band performed at it’s first gig where you’ll see the poster and Valentine and Pierce’s romantic relationship became public. In the third year of the band’s existence, they released their most popular album, “Flight of the Navy Spiders” with it’s now easily recognizable hit, “Asylum in My Mind”. The band also went on their world tour in 8 different countries. In year four, the band released its final album, “Limp Mouth”, which foreshadowed the band’s eventual breakup. Valentine and Pierce broke up in this year as well and the band started spiraling downhill. In the final year of the Exiled Spiders in 1981, the band broke up and went down different paths. Throughout this exhibit, you will see exclusive journal excerpts from the band members, along with letters and cards. This exhibit also includes different pictures of personal possessions of the band members. After viewing this exhibit, you will have an in depth understanding of the band and it’s member’s history.
Meet the Members
Exiled Spiders
Andrea (Drea) Grey was born on December 2, 1954 in Salisbury, United Kingdom. Grey was the lead singer for the Exiled Spiders, and along with Dutch Pierce held the auditions for the band during their founding. Grey also played bass guitar when she was not singing. Drea Grey was known as the quiet member of the band, but her melodic voice captured fans around the world. In the end, Grey wanted to have a solo career when the Exiled Spiders started breaking down. After the band's split, Grey has had a successful solo career and her first and breakout album is Born Bloody.
Drea Grey

Dutch Pierce was born in Oxford, Britain, on August 29th, 1954. He was the guitarist for Exiled Spiders, and helped create the band. He had feelings for Elvira Valentine, the pianist and song writer for Exiled Spiders. They eventually got into a relationship in 1977, the same year the band started. Dutch and Elvira would break up in 1980, due to Elvira's substance issues and Dutch having trouble trusting Elvira. After the band broke up, Dutch went on to become a music producer for many different bands.