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American Badgers

by Dominick G


american badgers
taxidus taxidea
by Dominick G.
American badger
Description: medium sized, flatter, and strongly adapted for burrowing.
It Has striped fur from nose to butt. They are nocturnal .(this is key because they eat at night)
Color: black and white to light yellow tan
Size: 2 to 3 feet (approximately)
Weight:16 to 22 lb

Interesting fact #1
The american badger is not the only type of badger. There are honey badgers (ratel) and  european badgers.

Interesting fact #2
The american badger lives in canada to not just here. Even here! Funny, huh?

In the wild my animal eats ground squirrels, ground birds,and mice. They also eat snails, and insects. Limit larger animals because they don’t eat a lot. They eat in the night so feed them in the night like before bed.

So, while in the rescue center the american badger can eat the following foods:
From store: eggs and chicken
From hunter: ground squirrels
From pet store: mice and insects
My animal does NOT like eat :
Animals larger than it ( coyote pups are an exception)
In the wild the american badger lives in meadows with streams
The habitat at the rescue center needs to have the following things in it:
1.Digable dirt
2.Grass (tall)                                                                         
3.Little rocks 
4.Ground mammals
My animal likes to have deep dirt to work in.
They can get stressed out if you get in there territory. They like lots of room to burrow so make a big enclosed space.