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Professor Leif VS Angela Poem Battle 🤡

by Danielle Galela


Professor Leif
Angela Poem Battle 😎
By: Danielle Galela
Dear, Professor Leif
Why do you always have so much beef?
Oh, how it makes me so so curious
Why are you always so so furious?
In the end, I’ll have the crown
Go ahead, turn my frown upside down
Professor Leif? More like Doctor Tree
The winner is me! I don’t mean to be a meanie
Don’t come after me ……
Dear Angela, 
Oh have you made me doubt
It makes me want to shout
I don’t get into beef for fun
But it would be nice if I won…
Did you know that shrimps have hearts in their heads?
Oh but you don’t have a heart, unlike Ted
You everyday accuse me of stealing your lipstick
“You were the one who STOLE it!!” I mimic
monotone cheerful american angela
Your rhymes might be good, but not as good as mine
Professor Leif, you should be a crime
I’ll greet you home nicely
With a pie in your face… wow that’s spicy!
“I hate dancing.” Professor Leif rants
Come on! Let's do the sibling dance
deep british professor leif voiced by me
Angela? I guess you’re a good sister
But I’m Professor Leif, the gentleman mister
Why do you even have a halo?
So much for being a “good angel”
Oh how I’ll beat you at this
Sorry you’re gonna be a loser, miss
About Me:
Name: Danielle 🤡
Age: 12 years old
Birthday: 8th December 2010
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite animal: Bears
Favourite video game: Animal Crossing
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, eating, sleeping
Dislikes: Roaches 😵

Art by me!!

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