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Mei on Angel Island

by Swayze Janosov

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Mei On Angel Island
By: Hannah Teixeira, Thomas Grabowski, and Swayze Janosov

"Hi, I am Mei, this is my family my brother zimo, my dad lixin,and my mom hina. We are traveling to Angel Island from China and we are going to Angel island,you may be wondering why? because we want to go to America. As we get on the boat. we walk on and we get splashed by the ocean's water.
“Run, we have to get to the rooms.” My mom said.
When we noticed that it was separated we said our goodbyes to my brother and father. Two months passed and we were finally getting off the boat,we got breakfast and we ran to the boy's room. We saw that they had already left so we ran as fast as we could and it was so crowded in the line.but we still couldn't find my dad and brother so we got in line and hoped for the best.
Zimo Hong
Mei Hong
Lixin Hong
Hina Hong
Chapter 2