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The Recorder

by Mariece Bankesie


The Recorder
Jared could not wait for this day to come! When he turned 7 years old, his Mom and Dad promised to buy him a Soprano recorder. He would always listen to his brother Phillippe play scales and songs and hoped he could one day perform just like him.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Could that be it?" Jared thought. No, it was not. Their next-door neighbor, Mr. Randy, came to wish him a Happy Birthday. "A present! How nice!" Jared thought, but he was still waiting for the highlight of his day.
"Happy, Birthday, Jared!" I have a little something for you.
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It was now 8:00 am. It was time to go to school, and there was still no recorder. Jared became anxious. He wanted to wait, hoping to bring the recorder to school to show his friends and his favorite Teacher, Mrs. Maynard, who was also the music teacher.
However, he had to leave recorderless, for the School Bus was approaching. He did not want to upset his Mom by missing the bus, so Jared reluctantly hopped on the bus and journeyed to school. He looked back at his parents through the window with sadness. "Maybe they forgot", he thought.
The school day went by much slower than usual. Jared kept looking at the clock. Lunch took forever, and so did P.E., ELA, and Math. Even though Jared appeared attentive in class, his mind was elsewhere.
I wonder if it will be there when I get home?
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